How do we define Trauma

Any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and alone can be traumatic


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Every Mind Matters

  • Not in twenty-four years of clinical practice, nor anywhere in the field of psychotherapeutic technique, have I found a more consistently successful approach to the understanding and alleviation of human emotional distress” - Dr. Robert Moore (Psychologist USA)
  • “TRAUMA is NOT a mental health condition, it is the SYMPTOMS of UNRESOLVED TRAUMA that are the mental health issues. For COMPLETE RESOLUTION we MUST FOCUS on treating the CAUSE” - Gemma Keeley CEO
  • patients who are taught to manage and control their intrusive symptoms generally have intrusive symptoms to manage and control” - Frank Gerbode M.D (Psychiatrist & founder of TIR)

About Us

EMM was born out of the frustration for the lack of support and effective resolution to people suffering life-limiting effects of trauma.


Who Can We Help?

People who are aware of the traumatic events that affect them are the most obvious ones likely to benefit from TIR, however...


How We Help?

Our highly skilled facilitators utilise a fresh approach in resolving symptoms of trauma, PTSD and Common mental health issues...



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